Tracing the Beginnings of Indian Cuisine in the Philippines

Alicia Colby Sy

An alchemy of harmonious tastes, ingredients, and techniques, Indian cooking is as diverse and grand as its country and people.

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The Spice is Right

Johnny Gomez

"People have the wrong idea of Indian food," says Kamla Singh, one of three sisters who own Kashmir, possibly the longest-running Indian restaurant in the country.”

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Get Curried Away

Gayna Kumar
Growing up, adventurous foodie friends would often ask me: Really, where can I get the best Indian food in the metro?
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Spicing Up the Filipino Palate

Serina Aidasani

The food scene in the Philippines is buzzing like never before. With the onset of thriving malls and shopping centers, modern and innovative eateries are satisfying local palates.

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Rediscovering Kashmir

Audrey N. Carpio

Manila is seeing an unprecedented number of restaurants opening, and with it, a developing taste for more adventurous cuisine and a discriminating palate that won’t settle for mediocre renditions of tried-and-tested dishes.

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6 Yummy Indian Restaurants in Metro Manila

Lou Albano

The Holi Festival is the biggest color festival in India. People throw special colored powder in the air or to each other, resulting in huge fun and a huge splattering of color.

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The Buzz...

"With a variety of sauces ranging from tomato cream and butter, to coconut milk with spices, to spicy tandoori, it's no wonder Kashmir's cuisine ranks among the top five in the city with locals and expats alike. It's also one of the very few places you can get a fix of yogurt, prepared here in several cool and creamy lassi flavors. The space is small, dimly lit, and quiet; the food is anything but. There are plenty of vegetable main courses and rice specialties to choose from, including the house pride chicken tandoori. A sure palate pleaser is Kesu Pullao, a subtle, saffron-seasoned rice dish, and in all cases, you'll be offered the option of mild or spicy (not for the wimpy). Most main courses come with an assortment of mango chutney, mint sauce, and a spicy crushed pickles and ginger dip. Those wary of spicy food might try the T-bone steaks and lamb chops in a milder mushroom sauce."
- Frommer's Review (The New York Times) -

"The dining room is appealing from the moment you enter, with a rich mix of décor that reflects the menu which travels from Malaysia to India. The roti melt in your mouth and the curries fire up the taste buds."
- Lonely Planet review -

"Nice decor, friendly waiters, cold cold beer. The menu had a wide variety of choices... I left feeling full, happy, and knowing I would tell my friends about Kashmir."
- Frazer -

"We just loved everything about that place - Real good and authentic Indian food. Thanks :)"
- Pia Carlsson -

“Amazing indian food in of the reasons why I am excited to move to the Philippines this year!”
- Sarrajane (Los Angeles, California) -